In the fall of 2013 I took Monica Lee’s Smart Creative Style course and well I’m putting into play a big lesson I learned there, and if I’m truthful it’s very similar to something Greg Payce said waaaay back when I was an undergraduate. EDIT. Be ruthless. Break pots. Burn drawings/paintings. I remember looking at him horrified, these were MY creations, these were MY BABIES! (I was 20 something, dramatics were kinda appropriate) Here we are some long time after that spring day and I TOTALLY get why you do this sort of cull. You need to let go of that which does not serve you.

There was all kinds of stuff on the last iteration of my site that did not serve me. But I didn’t know that at the time. I’ve spent a few years farting around trying to figure it out. I took Smart Creative Style because I think Monica is the bee’s knee’s, like I want to be her bestie if we ever cross paths, and her take on Style/Branding/Marketing just spoke to me. A case of me listening to the whispers for sure.

Anyway my point is this site is being re-branded, there is a serious culling going on around here. The plan was originally to do it all behind the scenes and wrap a pretty bow on it, but I’m not patient enough for that…. Plus Danielle LaPorte basically figures nobody’s paying attention anyway. (That pearl of wisdom is in one of these: Urban Campfire talk, or Wanderlust talk)

In the meantime for those of you who are paying attention. Apologies for the broken links and total lack of visuals. I’ll figure it out!

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Some of my creative musings have been featured on Seth Apter’s blog The altered page. The past two Sunday’s I’ve been apart of the pulse. I hope you take a look, there are many interesting creative people featured here. (Click here & here to see the posts.)

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned for a second bloghop in September.

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Please pardon my appearance during my transition. There is much to do to clean-up from this theme change-over (and I’m still learning!)

I have been blessed to have an IT connection for the past several years, and boy am I thankful for that! However it is now time to branch out learn a wee bit of code and how to navigate WordPress on my own. Needless to say my head hurts, my eyes burn, and well there is still much to do! Please bare with me.

The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design class has helped me refocus why I have any kind of on-line presence and given me some kind of direction on what I want it to look like and how it functions, moving forward. So you will notice some big changes here. It will stop being so blog (who am I kidding! confessional) focused and will be aimed at an art showcase for my work and work of others. Now you will find many of the old posts in the archives, and I have no doubt there will still be snippets of “me” and my storytelling, ’cause well, life and art are one in the same in my book! But it is my sincerest wish to move my art and the business of my art to the next level.

With that I say fare-the-well to my cute and highly unfocused site. Hoping June 1, 2012 will be the official cut over date. mmejacqueline

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The lovely Bowie Style had an open call, submissions for the third installment of her Print & Pattern books, this time Kid’s Patterns! And for those of you who have known me a while, I’ve been doodling for years, and every time I show them to anyone, the comment is always, “Those would make great kid’s _____________.” (fill in the blank) So imagine my delight to receive this post and submit some designs for consideration.

I must give a big thanks to all the wonderful people teaching/taking part in The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design.
Such an inspired and lovely group where we are truly championing each other.

These images are a few of the kid’s patterns that didn’t make the cut. Enjoy!

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I have been completely immersed (submersed?!) in the land of patterns since November. Everything, and I mean everything has taken a back seat since I started Beth & Rachael’s Do What you Love : Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course. (And you will note, it is running again come April – and I highly recommend it for any of you with dreams of patterns) Believe it or not we are currently wrapping up week four of Module two!

Rachael Taylor has been kind enough to feature student work here and there on her blog since the start. However I fell seriously behind on the first Module, what with Christmas, and the joys of holiday travel in the airline industry, oh and the little pesky business of annual training to keep my day job….

On to Module two AND I have managed to keep up, more or less! So I’m absolutely tickled to have been included in this installment of what the peeps are doing over at ABSPD. Hope you enjoy the little showcase.

Stay tuned, there is bound to be a web revamp come the spring….

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Today Seth Apter of “the altered page”, kicks off Chapter One of his Master Class over at The Pulse.

Hop on over there and check out this weeks edition you’ll see I kick off this Chapter with my thoughts on who I’d pick: ‘If I could take a class from one artist from anytime in history, including the present, who would it be and why?’

There will be no hints here friends! The answers are too juicy! So click here to see the full post.

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