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Some of my creative musings have been featured on Seth Apter’s blog The altered page. The past two Sunday’s I’ve been apart of the pulse. I hope you take a look, there are many interesting creative people featured here. (Click here & here to see the posts.)

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned for a second bloghop in September.

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Today Seth Apter of “the altered page”, kicks off Chapter One of his Master Class over at The Pulse.

Hop on over there and check out this weeks edition you’ll see I kick off this Chapter with my thoughts on who I’d pick: ‘If I could take a class from one artist from anytime in history, including the present, who would it be and why?’

There will be no hints here friends! The answers are too juicy! So click here to see the full post.

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A while back Seth Apter, of the Altered Page blog asked me some really amazing questions about my art practice. Today he talks about Techniques and Tools, and my two cents are included! Go check out his site, there is always some amazing stuff to see and read there. I’ll post the full questionnaire later this week for those of you so inclined.

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