I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

Life has gotten a bit messy these days. No qualifier or explanation needed. Just lots of change, and well, that tends to get messy. Truthfully, I’m the one that is changing. Trying to weed-wack the “stories” of old, bring the dark bits to the light, heal, forgive and move into something fresh, new, bigger and better. As I’ve reconnected with that beautiful inner voice I am allowing myself an openness that I’ve never felt brave enough for before. Death-defying bravery could be considered my theme this lifetime, and consequently it has been a sort of mantra. Yet I’ve struggled to embrace that from a place of love, it’s way easier to dig your heals in and prepare for battle.

Spirit keeps asking, telling, demanding me to be more me, more authentic, all while being more open. Basically a call to death-defying bravery. At my lowest moments I wonder how the hell does one do that without turning into a doormat and having people take advantage at every turn, and the fear sets in, and the resistance, and then the stubbornness. Because let’s be honest, I don’t want people to see the contents of my satchel of crap – thankfully it’s no longer a steamer trunk, but it is still my inner most baggage, the stuff I think people will not accept, the stuff people will judge and label. And why do I think this? Because I’ve had over 30 years practice kicking my own ass! I’m the “people” I’m talking about.

I woke up this morning kicking my ass. Knowing I wasn’t able to harness that “death-defying bravery” when I needed it most yesterday. Sinking into the realisation that I let the stuff in my satchel run the show – and my heart is heavy.

And as I wondered how to “fix it” I remembered my friend Tori talking about the power of Ho’oponopono yesterday.

So here is my answer on how to be more me, more authentic and more open, all while honouring myself and my boundaries, which in turn will allow me to honour others – I let my heart shine, radiate love, cultivate inner body bright and repeat……………
I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

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  1. jacqueline

    Thanks Leanne! I’m loving your photos, keep at it!


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