{and other tales from my work with Kerilyn}

Yep. OWNING MY BIGNESS. Probably the most profound concept and gift I received working with Permission Granted Life Coach Kerilyn Russo.

You see Ms. Kerilyn is amazing. Period. Full STOP. In addition to being an extraordinary listener, she is rather playful, and witty, and hilarious. Yet she is serious about helping you get out of your way in the most kind, sincere, generous, gentle, compassionate, fierce, ass-kicking of ways. Wise… did I mention she’s wise? Oh I could go on and on. In short SHE ROCKS.

I, like many who have walked a path to one’s own BIGNESS, have had my share of trauma. Sometimes it’s triggered, sometimes it’s active, and at other times it’s dormant. Such is the ebb and the flow of this delicious life. Despite knowing this is part of the journey of being a spiritual being having a human experience, it’s damn hard. And like many others I have let myself be stuck, treading water, praying this too shall pass… all the while completely unable to move forward, paralyzed by my fear.

Enter Kerilyn. One part lion tamer, one part magician, one part cheer-leader, one part bestie, one part locksmith, all parts open hearted beauty.

She had the keys to inspiring me out of my “stuck-ness”.

You see, Kerilyn had the most amazing way of teasing out the crux of my stagnation, allowing MY essence to cascade through. She held a sacred space allowing and encouraging me to be my most authentic and best self. In that setting I was finally able to give myself permission to be the truest, most beautiful version of me, letting my essence, that is to say, my heart, my soul, the purest aspects of myself BEAM!! For I am a divine spark from the Uni-verse, and I give myself PERMISSION to act like it!

So here I am CELEBRATING our work together, OWNING MY BIGNESS, and being ok with all the zany aspects of my colourful self! In truth I found a soul sister in Kerilyn. My life is all the more rich, deep and colourful for bravely accepting her challenge… “what would it take for you to own your bigness?”


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